Lemar & Khloe

Phoenix, Arizona
October 22, 2015 10:02am CST
I don't know if you heard or not, but Lemar Odem and Khloe Kardashian Odem are no longer getting a divorce. There is so much on the web right now speculating why this is. Personally, I think that tragedy just brings people together.There are people saying that he is so close to death that she wants to make sure that she gets paid, but she's a Kardashian, she has her own money. They are saying that she wants to make sure she can continue to make his medical decisions. That one might be true, though it doesn't seem like it because of her twitter comments. She was really distraught by his "illness." What are your thought about this?
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@sharon6345 (153613)
• United States
22 Oct 15
What illness is he suffering with now. I knew they were not going through with it. But,the illness I had no idea about. They know best what to do in any case though.
• Phoenix, Arizona
22 Oct 15
He overdosed at the Bunny Ranch in Vegas. It's been all over the news, I can't believe you didn't see it. He was in a coma and everything. He just woke up, and when he woke up, she petitioned the courts to not file the paper work, which she was able to do because they had signed the papers, but it wasn't officially filed yet. That's why she was still able to make all of the medical decisions while he was in a coma. She was way too distraught when she found out that he was in a coma for me to believe that she didn't care for him anymore. He's better than he was, but he's still not out of the woods. He has pneumonia right now, so he's still weak, and still in the hospital. Tht's why there's so much speculation about the divorce being called off.