And some final thoughts on the Hebrew essays

October 24, 2015 3:23am CST
So I didn't get the chance to finish my thought last night, I was still trying to figure this out. And well, to some extent I still am, but it's going a little smoother now. I logged on from a local coffee shop, and their internet was a little faster so I was able to explore a bit more of the site. Anyway, yeh I'm rambling-back to the essays. I mentioned that they were on the proper pronunciation of the Hebrew language. What was Eliezer's thought? Well, that to some extent we can't really be certain-that even ancient transliterations from the Septuagint might be inaccurate. With all that, he favored Eastern pronunciations and this he taught. But there was an interesting twist-although he taught people this, he had noticed that even in his own time people were deviating from that. That is to say, that even in his own time, he was seeing pronunciations change. And if you think about it, it actually happens even within English-favorite sometimes becomes "fave", G is sometimes dropped "what is happening brother" to "what's happenin bro?" All of this could be frustrating to some of us...but there is one beautiful thought, even if how we speak Hebrew is changing...well, at least we are speaking it! And to some of us, that's a beautiful thought.
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@allen0187 (34399)
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25 Oct 15
The thing about language is, it is a breathing, living, and changing 'thing'. Seeing how it evolves is seeing how culture develops.
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