The Curse Of Ebola Returning.

@bookbar (1612)
Sudbury, England
October 25, 2015 9:30am CST
The British nurse, thought to have made a complete recovery in January, this year, is once again critically ill, as Ebola returns to her system, or maybe never left. Recent research has shown, that the Ebola virus is capable of remaining in parts of the body that are sheltered from the immune system, such as the testis, brain, eye and breastmilk, and joints, and the deadly virus is detectable in semen, 9 months later. She has, once more, tested positive for the Ebola virus, and now 58 close contacts, including medical staff, are under surveillance. Just as worrying, is that more than half of the estimated 17,000 people in West Africa who survived the virus are now reported to be experiencing a range of ill health, including severe headaches, joint pain and fatigue.... so maybe we haven't seen the last of the Ebola crisis.
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@LadyDuck (175590)
• Switzerland
26 Oct 15
They were to quick to declare people healthy. How is it that they did not check for residuals of the virus first? It is very possible that those 17,000 people in West Africa are spreading the virus now.
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• Thiruvananthapuram, India
25 Oct 15
Oh it is going to be a threat for mankind. Eventhough we have this much advantage in space, military, we cant argue that we are best in medicinesss
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