Do you believe people like to transfer into complexity or simplicity?

@joylol (148)
Austin, Texas
October 25, 2015 3:36pm CST
I like to assume that many have heard the quote "Life is simple. We just make it complicated." But what if life is complicated without the existence of humanity? I believe God gave us life and that He is one God but in three entities: Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. So if God is life, but He is one God yet in three entities, would anyone disagree or agree that is life is complicated without the existence of humanity? Does humanity prefer to avoid subjects of complexity or characters of emotional complexity due to exhaustion of the transfer of knowledge or does humanity actually enjoy complexity but prefers to stay away from it since it cannot understand it? Does humanity prefer simplicity because it doesn't stretch their brain as much as matters of complexity or do they just like it more not because of avoidance of complexity but because of the fact that it doesn't require stretching its brain as much as complexity? Which one do you guys and girls transfer to? Complexity or simplicity? I like to transfer into complexity since it's more interesting to discuss than a simple "do this,do that."
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@Missmwngi (10792)
• Nairobi, Kenya
25 Oct 15
There are things that i love when they are just simple but some are fun when complex. For me it therefore depends which what is in question