Someone stop ISIS??

@siliguri (4224)
October 26, 2015 6:26am CST
It almost 5 years happen of syra crisis still the situatoin is same.ISIS the insane military group still executing the people brtually,since the last months russia took the charge to eliminate this horrific culprit, but still the isis group doing there heinous work,today i readin a newspaper a syrian soldier was executed under the tracks of tank omg. Russia and usa doing proxy war instead of work together to abolished this nasty peoples. Hope they will work together to fight against this creeps
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@destry (2563)
• Kirkwall, Scotland
26 Oct 15
I don't think any country or group of countries can fully eliminate ISIS as their war stems from a philosophy of a religion - Even if ISIS disband, the same issue will be fought over but under a different name To eliminate the religion would be the only way of stamping out these people who take their religion too far. - And we all know that that is impossible.
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@topffer (35542)
• France
26 Oct 15
All Islam terrorists are wahhabists, and when you know that the wahhabist Muslim countries are those having oil (Saudi Arabia and the Emirates) and are financing the building of mosques all over the world, it is not tomorrow that we will eliminate the Islam terrorism...
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@Jessabuma (33168)
• Baguio, Philippines
18 Jul
I am hoping for the best.. I hope there is no war anymore