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@ricki_911 (19758)
Toronto, Ontario
October 27, 2015 1:30pm CST
I had texted this friend this morning asking her if she wanted to go to the movies. I basically got two tickets free, and then would spend MY gas to pick her up. She texted me back ok sure what were you thinking. I texted her back said such and such movies. She replied ummmmm no but thank you. I was thinking wow I asked you and you said yes then no. I didn't reply to her, just ignored her. I was sort of irritated as don't agree then say no. She texted me back less than 30 minutes later and said well this movie (one I suggested sounds good). I'm thinking seriously rude and ignorant or what. I am thinking she either is spending more money than she should. I know her husband and her fight often about spending money (they both spend ridiculously). But when I said it's free as I have the B1G1, then my rewards (which the program is changing on November 4th where I want to use it up for a free movie) she changed her mind. I mean I would simple say I can't afford it, or am tired. She works 15 hours a week, and never goes anywhere.
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• Thiruvananthapuram, India
27 Oct 15
Its amazing that she never goes out therthan work. She must be in real need of money for sure.Lol!
@ricki_911 (19758)
• Toronto, Ontario
27 Oct 15
Her and her husband will go out maybe once a week. But they spend money like it's nothing. I know they are in major debt but even $6, as I wasn't asking for her to pay for the ticket I got for free. Instead of simple telling me, she will say such and such date then that day comes and she will make an excuse. I think she simple doesn't go out, and basically sits at home pitying herself.
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