Home Remodeling - What a PAIN !!!

United States
October 27, 2015 4:46pm CST
So you have the choice of hiring a general contractor who supposedly rides herd on the tradesmen to get the job done. On the other hand, you can use a "handyman" for certain things and call out each specific trade (a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, etc.) and have to deal with scheduling and no shows. So this time I have had both. The general contractor never finished the job, although I am sure he marked up the work done and made a nice profit. Next come the handymen who had to re do and re do, till there really was no savings. Now I am dealing with specific trades, one to snake drains but they don't do work with the actual plumbing fixtures. The only work that got done on time was the work I did myself. How frustrating. Have you ever run into this exasperating problem?
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@Hit4Hit (585)
• Hungary
27 Oct 15
Its really hard to manage such events
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@ria1606roy (2844)
• Kolkata, India
28 Oct 15
Over here, these small problems take one day of inspection, several days of waiting until we get used to the non-working of the appliance, and suddenly the mechanic appears out of the blue one day when you have something important on the schedule. You have to reschedule and pay attention to him while he takes the whole day to do the work. It's frustrating. Our house is set to be renovated from tomorrow. I dunno when they will actually show up. We've hired a private contractor.
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• Kolkata, India
28 Oct 15
@desertdawg yeah at the end, there obviously is relief and happiness, and we forget that feeling of helplessness. Which we should not, ideally.
• Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
27 Oct 15
I like.doing home improvements just dont enjoy the phsyical labor
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@dodoazo (21584)
• Philippines
11 Nov 15
This is what actually happens when those workmen are not properly supervised. Or it is just a miscommunication of the agreed plan.
@sugartoes (43158)
• Greencastle, Indiana
4 Nov 15
I was always told the best way to get something done RIGHT was to do it yourself & that's when I started learning how to do what needed to be done so I wouldn't have these problems anything you need done is ALMOST always on you tube or in books to D I Y & it's CHEAPER if you learn what needs to be done & you KNOW it's done RIGHT