I noticed my pay has stopped increasing

Roseville, Minnesota
October 27, 2015 5:52pm CST
Is there a reason why the pay has stopped increasing? Is it because I need to initiate more posts?
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@topffer (36682)
• Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
27 Oct 15
We are not paid for posting but for interaction. A post with no responses earns nothing. Earnings are updated every 1 or 2 hours, not instantly.
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@Beatburn (3988)
• Philippines
28 Oct 15
Right, it is not immediate. After posting comments and interacting then there will be movement in the earnings. It would be better to focus on the conversations.
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• Philippines
28 Oct 15
@Beatburn @topffer in the old mylot, earnings were updated every 24 hours so imagine the suspense.
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@Beatburn (3988)
• Philippines
28 Oct 15
@hereandthere So it's better now. Although it must have been exciting to anticipate growth.
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@amadeo (78726)
• United States
27 Oct 15
No,they update after so many hours.You will see this.It not the post but the comments and likes that you follow
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@jstory07 (72444)
• Roseburg, Oregon
27 Oct 15
Listen to @amadeo it is a combination of the posts you write and like and comments you get.
• Midland, Michigan
29 Oct 15
@jstory07 Actually, you could refrain from posting and still make money here, several are proving that each day. You make money from comments received on posts, and comments made on the posts of others.
@Driftr (201)
• Coimbatore, India
15 Dec 15
I find my earnings to slowly increase every now and then. So I would ask you to not panic and put in your efforts to make interaction in each post and get few cents out of it.
@marlina (80762)
• Canada
28 Oct 15
It eventually will show up when you are interacting with other members here.
@TheHorse (75162)
• Walnut Creek, California
28 Oct 15
I say keep on plugging. And be sure to leave lots of comments on others' posts, especially where active conversations seem to be occurring. I'm still having 50% daily swings sometimes, but my overall "moving average" seems to be continuing to rise.
@cahaya1983 (10036)
• Malaysia
28 Oct 15
It doesn't stop increasing. It's just not updated immediately. Just keep interacting and you will see the increase.
@Missmwngi (10792)
• Nairobi, Kenya
27 Oct 15
I was wondeering the same too but realized maybe they are yet to update
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
27 Oct 15
I promise you that your bank will update in 6.18 in Roseville, Minnesota. i am here for almost a month and i think it is the time thats going to make the bank update in your region. Just make me know if it does updates. One more thing. you dont getr for how much you posts. Its for how much you comments and the other person responds your comments haha