Are you Kidding Me?

Phoenix, Arizona
October 28, 2015 12:46am CST
I am outraged! I have 2 girls and a boy. Number one if it had been my son, there would have been an issue, but if it had of been my girls, I would have gone completely ham. I'm a Christian, but I'm a tiger mom, touch my child, and you will pay for it to the highest extent. Not only am I going to sue, not only am I coming for your job, but I'm going to kick your behind. Then I come from a big family and we all got family first mentalities. There would be nowhere you can hide, you put your hand on mines. Oh yes, we going there. This is a child. This is not an adult. She was in peaceful protest. You not about to put your hands on her. I'm sorry, but this is really hitting me too close to home. My daughter's school was in full lock down today because some stupid kid told a teacher say one more thing to me, I got a gun and I'll use it.What is this world coming to. I'm going pray because I'm on the edge right now. Then to find out that one student stood up for her, and he arrested her too and the student who took the video got arrested too. Oh we goin in. Trust me, it ain't over.
Student Attacked and Thrown To Floor By School Officer Ben Fields (FULL VIDEO) U.S. Richland County, SC — A video was uploaded to Instagram on Monday which s...
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• Lucknow, India
28 Oct 15
Family comes first and this really isn't good!!