farm life..

South Africa
October 28, 2015 7:33am CST
My childhood days were only that of joy for me living on an apple farm in the Western Cape, South Africa. We would be dropped off at the bus stop after school and had to walk the long dusty, windy road back towards our house. On most occasions we would hitch a ride with one of the tractors that were carting bins of apples to the cold stores by hopping on the back whilst the driver wasnt looking. Many days my friend and i would go rollerskating in the cold stores, as the cement was nice and smooth and just right for whizzing around in. A couple o f times we would almost get locked in by mistake, and then vow never to go back again, just do it all over again the next day! We used to make fortes with the apple bins that were stacked, about 6 or 7 on top of each other and have secret little meetings at the top of the swaying bins until my dad caught us and gave me a hiding telling me never to go near the bins again or else! But do you think we listened.. From swaying from the pine trees to running around the orchards in full blossom playing hide and seek. Those days i will never forget..
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@allknowing (58164)
• India
29 Oct 15
Wish some youngsters read this to get inspired. Nothing like living among trees and bushes. We gave up our city life to settle down in a semi rural setting where we have built our own house surrounded by fruits trees and greenery
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@jaboUK (52063)
• United Kingdom
28 Oct 15
What a beautiful snapshot of your childhood, I loved reading it.
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@celticeagle (115553)
• Boise, Idaho
28 Oct 15
Children are so inventive and adventurous. I remember twilight. That time just before dark came. I knew I had to be in by dark so I would pull a lot of energy and fun out for that short time before I knew I had to go inside.
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@marlina (66634)
• Canada
28 Oct 15
Those days sound so wonderful. Glad that you had them.
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@amadeo (54101)
• United States
28 Oct 15
A wonderful time.These can never be replaced
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