Extended Breastfeeding

@cpefley (1699)
Hemet, California
October 28, 2015 11:10am CST
I know the subject is taboo for many people, because they may think there is something strange about nursing a child past the age of 1 or 2. Out of 5 kids, this is the first one that I have breastfed past the age of 15 months. My daughter is now 3 and she definitely doesn't want to give it up, but it really doesn't bother me often. Small children benefit from their mother's breast milk because their immune systems are not fully developed, so breastfeeding adds a layer of protection. Here is some more information about the subject:
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• United States
20 Jan 16
I believe you are ONE OF THE GREATEST mothers (sorry for shouting) that has come forward to talk about this because taboo or not, it is valuable. Not because of so many benefits from sharing your healthy immune system with your baby but doing naturally the most selfless thing you can, nourish a new life with what you got packed in the mammary housing ! How long a nursing mother should nurse should NEVER be a standard one is supposed to follow, Mother nature is flexible and so is this crucial bonding period where not just the most quality nutritional elements are transferred, a very special relationship is forged between those two for eternity-- thanks @cpfley
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@cpefley (1699)
• Hemet, California
24 Jan 16
Thank you so much! That is very sweet. I know there is a lot of criticism that comes with my decision, but I truly believe the benefits outweigh the public scrutiny. My daughter and I have an unbreakable bond that will hopefully last a lifetime.
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• United States
25 Jan 16
The bond certainly will and have a fabulous week ! @cpefley