what is quality

@hansen (56)
November 24, 2006 12:11am CST
One of the most frequently spoken words in our daily life is quality, especially when we buy or sell something. Does everybody know what quality is? Where does quality come from? What’s the quality of food? Delicious, healthy and appetizing … What’s the quality of garment? Comfortable, well tailored and looks neat … What’s the quality of transportation? Safe, fast and uncrowded … What’s the quality of living? Stable, commodious and environmental … …… Quality is not an abstract word; it is measurable and can be clearly felt at everything at any time. It’s the feeling of something better you feel. What are humans pursuing? The better quality of life. Humans have been pursuing the quality of life for million years and still pursuing will be proceeding generation after generation endlessly. Does quality make money? Of course. No quality, no market. How can you make money with your bad quality products? Does quality minimize the cost of business? Of course. The cost of reworking, scrapping, extra testing and compensation could be as double, triple even more as the original cost. Does quality build reputation? Of course. You cannot find one top name brand product with bad quality in the world. Where does quality come from? It comes from good human work; good machine condition; good quality raw material; good method and good environment… and so on. Quality comes from GOOD WORK only. No mistake allowed in the whole process.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
19 Jan 07
Quality is a subjective consept and therefore can change for each one of us and is really determined by the recipient not the producer. Quality can also change over time and between different cultures