My Daughter

Makati, Philippines
November 2, 2015 9:07am CST
She's turning 9 tomorrow. She's my first born. Her name is Clair Benigne. She was born on the 3rd of November, 2006. She was born after the Philippine holiday All Soul's Day where Catholics visit their love ones at the cemetery. I remembered when I gave birth to her. Before that day, my husband and I went hometown in Laguna to visit the funeral of his grandmother. It was late evening of November 2 when we reached our house in Mandaluyong. At night, I felt something already. But I endured it since I was tired of the trip. The next day, while I was about to go out for work, I felt pain in my stomach. So I asked one of my housemates who's also pregnant in her second baby if I'm going to give birth already. She advised me then to call my doctor. So we did. My doctor told me to go to the hospital and waited for her there. My OB will be coming from another hospital (Medical City) since she's a private doctor practicing in public hospital. As I arrived in Mandaluyong General Hospital, a doctor checked on me as per advised of my OB. She then told my husband to go home and packed my things since the time has come. I went there at around 7AM and I gave birth after two hours. Now, she's 9. She's a grown up. She is no longer the baby that I accompany anywhere and everywhere. She's starting to decide without me. She refuses my demands and sometimes she follows. In spite of, I care for her. I love her because she is my daughter after all.
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@amnabas (10312)
• Karachi, Pakistan
2 Nov 15
Yes first childs birth incidents cabnit be forgotten they are golden memories infact any ways best birthday wishes for her from myside.
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