We Are so much More

By Jani
Susanville, California
November 2, 2015 1:31pm CST
I am saddened lately when I think about how little we value the essence of who we all are at our core. We have forgotten that life is a miracle in all of it's forms. We have overlayed the miracle with layers and layers of clouded judgement. Even about ourselves there are layers in our head about who "thinks" what. We have forgotten the truth. We are all so much more than these judgements. We are all so much more than these opinions. I wish to remember that.
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@jstory07 (72404)
• Roseburg, Oregon
2 Nov 15
Do not think of the negative in your life or negative things. think of the postive and postive things.
• Susanville, California
2 Nov 15
I do try to do that, it helps sometimes!
@GardenGerty (105355)
• United States
2 Nov 15
You are so right. We listen to ourself giving negative feedback and value ourselves less and less. We also refuse to be accountable for our own thoughts and actions but blame them on others.
• Susanville, California
2 Nov 15
Yes our own negative feedback is pretty harmful. It takes some time but it is possible to work through that so we can give ourselves better thoughts. We can't blame others for everything, but eventually that will come back to us in some way and hopefully, we learn.
@sofssu (18306)
19 Nov 15
Knowing who we are is very important .. when we don't we seek to find value in other things. Great thought for the day.
@cahaya1983 (10036)
• Malaysia
3 Nov 15
I like that perspective. I think some of us are just insecure and get influenced very easily by negative thoughts. I wish more people know how to appreciate their true essence instead of worrying about how others would judge them.