It's Friday, You CENSORED

Wapello, Iowa
November 6, 2015 10:40am CST
Today Is Dedicated To George Barris RIP George George Barris, Designer of TV’s Batmobile, Dead at 89 I haven't mentioned the Joe Gliniewicz story (Death of Fox Lake cop divides Illinois village) yet for two reasons. Number one is that I wanted my Beloved Conservative Base to have a couple days of peace in which to celebrate their huge victory Tuesday (Good Job, Republicans). Number two is that I like saving the best story of the week for Friday. And since I already wrote about the best story of the week (Fred Thompson Is Dead!), that means we have to go with the Number Two Story. Yes, these plans do work far better on paper than they do in real life but look! We have a video to go with this one. And it includes a bonus story about another fake police shooting---It didn't result in a death but still, it should compensate for any disappoint you feel for only getting the second best story of the week on Friday: Manhunt For Imaginary Suspects Ensues After Cop Shoots Self I don't have much more to say about it because I've covered this subject pretty extensively in the past (The first link contains another link to another post devoted to this subject). The only new element is that the suicide of Joe Gliniewicz is official now. And the only thing I have to add is that this what the cops' former biggest supporters are up to now: Man Bombs Walmart Because They Stopped Selling Confederate Flags Yep, those are the guys who are still giving lip service to supporting the cops...when they aren't busy building bombs and loading their guns. While thinking about how much they now hate the police. I might also add that when you're getting lip service from Jim and Righty (They are my two best friends and they also represent every Bitter Old Clinger in America. Like the one who bombed the Walmart. FULL DISCLOSURE: As far as I know, neither one of them has personally bombed a Walmart. Yet), it's Nature's (Call it God if you want) way of telling you that you need to start rethinking everything. Now that the news is out of the way, let's have a drink: ================================ Batmobile Ingredients: 1/2 oz Jack Daniels 1/2 oz Southern Comfort 1/2 oz Yukon Jack 1/2 oz Jim Beam 2 oz Sour mix 2 oz Cola Mixing instructions: Mix drink just like a Long Island iced tea. Lemon to garnish. ================================ That may not make you forget that George has been taken to the big Bat Cave in the sky but it might take the edge off it a little bit. Just as tonight's Featured Party Game might: Binders Full Of Girls And Boys Dressed As Batgirl. If you can think of a better sendoff for George than a tribute to Batgirl, I'd like hear it. But have another drink first cause right now, you just aren't making much sense. Here Are The Links:
An increasing number of apparent shootings of cops around the country end up having an alternative explanation. Sometimes these stories lead to massive manhu...
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17 Nov 15
RIP George Barris. I did not know he passed until reading this :(
@MALUSE (44590)
• Uzbekistan
6 Nov 15
This is a very American post meaning that I, a European, don't understand much.