Who will Watch Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

@zebra2222 (5166)
United States
November 7, 2015 7:26pm CST
I am no Donald Trump fan. I can't stand his politics. He makes controversial statements and paints people with a large, unflattering brush. He stereotypes and misleads people. Still, people will watch Trump to see what he does on the show. Perhaps his hair will part to the left. That would lead to protests from right wingers everywhere.
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@T964045 (49)
• Canlubang, Philippines
9 Nov 15
:o am not from the states but i always like seeing donald trump being featured in cnn. he's modern entertainment if you ask me. he's cut out for business not politics. still, he once proved that his hair is genuine. i was convinced then. but it didn't last long...
• United States
8 Nov 15
He sure is bringing people into the political world who never would have paid attention before.
@connierebel (1571)
• United States
8 Nov 15
I don't have TV, so I never watch any of the politicians. But from what I've heard of Donald Trump, he's the only one who has guts enough to say what he thinks, no matter who gets offended. We need a leader with guts, not a wishy-washy spineless politician who tries to please everybody, and ends up pleasing nobody.
@Freelanzer (9353)
• Canada
8 Nov 15
I love SNL but I definitely won't be watching tonight in solidarity with all the women, Latinos and everyone else he has degraded.
@cupkitties (7268)
• United States
8 Nov 15
Maybe he'll have his toupee do a dance for us. Or he'll tell us that funny joke about the "small" loan again.
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