El Dorado,The City of Gold

Quezon City, Philippines
November 8, 2015 2:09am CST
So me and my cousin were watching an old cartoon movie "El Dorado". The story is about two thieves who get their hands on a map to the legend city of gold, El Dorado. So after watching it I started to search it on the internet if El Dorado exist and I have found out that in late 1500s there are many explorers/ conquistadors & treasure hunters who tried to search the city of gold in South America but they all failed to find it due to lack of evidence & some of them were killed during their expeditions. After many unsuccessful explorations, the northern part of South America was mapped and led to the discovery of Amazon. In the present, The City of Gold remained hidden and people began to tell the existence of the city as a myth. Do you believe that El Dorado exist? Let's talk about other Lost Cities because the world is full of MYSTERIES! :)
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@chance216 (277)
• United States
8 Nov 15
The best myths usually have a grain of truth so there may be some inspiration for the myth. Or not. But I do not believe a city made entirely of gold exists. I am not sure it is even possible.