Starting to get a little cooler

United States
November 8, 2015 10:18am CST
Most of the time Texas doesn't start getting cool until the end of November - which is much later than some other parts of the world. So for it to get down to the 50's so early in the month is kinda surprising. I am not a big fan of cold, which is why I wasn't too fond of Chicago nights while I was there (there was another reason but I won't get into that on this post) so I had to sleep with two blankets on my bed last night because I was absolutely freezing my butt off. Some may call me a wimp for that (my hubby possibly being one of them) but anemia is no joke when it starts getting cold. I guess I should get more adequate pajamas as well though. I guess if the flooding is over for now its alright, as long as we don't get snow I'm good, Texas people would lose their freakin' minds if it snowed. So what kinds of temperatures have ya'll been dealing with? Oh and what is the coldest you can take before you have to practically wear a parka?
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@jaboUK (55200)
• United Kingdom
8 Nov 15
The weather in England is not too bad yet. Sorry you're experiencing the cold. I've never been to Texas, but would love to one day - as long as it doesn't snow!
• United States
8 Nov 15
It never snows here, at least in the part that I am in. There were some cities that got ice and sleet though laat year.
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@TheHorse (73701)
• Walnut Creek, California
17 Nov 15
It was in the 50s here in Northern California today. I expect upper 30 tonight.
@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
9 Nov 15
Over here, it is hot and humid all the time. If you want to imagine how the weather is like, think of Hawaii. We are located near the equator, almost the same as Hawaii, but not as nice.