Laughing at the workplace

Singapore, Singapore
November 8, 2015 6:21pm CST
Should we laugh in the workplace? We should only laugh if and only if the joke comes from a Manager. Even then, we can't LOL or LMAO or ROFL. We should give just 3 "ha"s and stop. Not 2, not 4. Just 3. Laughing too much will attract negative consequences. At work, we should only smile. Smile a lot. Smiling makes us look polite ans cooperative. Laughing openly makes us look like slackers.
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• Philippines
9 Nov 15
There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun. Too much and it will annoy some workers who are being serious with today's activities. Besides, having too much seriousness could cause a bit of a strain among workers, stress which could lead to unwanted confrontation. . I sure hope your boss is a good jokester