Money for marriage?

November 9, 2015 11:38pm CST
Different countries and communities of the world seems to have varied practices in the concept of "Money for Marriage". In India, the bride's father pays a huge amount in cash, car, new apartment, jewels, etc. to the bridegroom to get married to his daughter. Whereas, I have seen in some other communities where the bridegroom pays a lump sum to the bride's father and "buys out" the girl. In my viewpoint, both are wrong. Me and my wife shared the expenses of marriage when we got married and exchanged wedding clothes (I bought her's and she bought mine). What did you (or planning to) do?
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@SIMPLYD (84830)
• Philippines
11 Nov 15
It's a good thing you didn't follow that custom . Marriage should be between two people who loves one another , not only one liking the other one .
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@Missmwngi (10792)
• Nairobi, Kenya
10 Nov 15
Here the guy pays to the girls family and the rate has become so high that you would think they are selling her.
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@jstory07 (71353)
• Roseburg, Oregon
10 Nov 15
the second time I got married we drove to Las Vegas and got married there.
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@youless (94336)
• Guangzhou, China
11 Nov 15
Yes, I learned that in India usually the bride shall pay a lot for the marriage. And some families can't bear it, and this is why they don't want girls. I hope this kind of habit will change in the correct way. Here usually the bridegroom will pay for the bride's family. It doesn't have to pay much. Because holding the wedding, housing, decoration already cost a lot of money. When my husband and I got married, he paid for most of the charges because he earned more than me. And after marriage, his income will be mine. My husband is very nice in this way. I am the one who deal with the finance. It just gives me more security
• Preston, England
11 Nov 15
I have no desire to marry - if I do it will be from love, and not from desire for a dowry or parental gifts