Morbid Obesity (What the #%ck?)

United States
November 24, 2006 1:18am CST
Now unless u have a medical condition that causes u to gain massive amounts of weight..People know how they get that big..I'm not knockin anyone for their size..because we are all God's creatures and beautiful.but if your one of these people that are Blown Outta Porportion and mad at the world for the way u look(and got there by sitting in front of the tv and eating 2 pizzas and a ham sandwich) then..I ask u what are u so mad about?..Did we make u eat that extra slice of pie..Did I force u to sit at Golden Corral and eat all the mashed potatoes u could get down?..Nope ..I don't think I did..The people I respect are those that accept responsiblity for their own actions..If your 600 pds and u enjoy eating..then hey..Get Right..Eat the whole box of ice me a scoop:) know that's just how I feel..There's nothing worse than seeing 500 pd lady eating a freakin salad and drinking a mineral water..I'm like " Now u know! that is not gonna cut it" Go get that double cheese from Burger King and enjoy ur self..Don't go crying in your room and hiding m&m's under your bed..Feel Me..People should accept themselves ..because if you don't how can u expect people to respect you..when u run and hide when someone gives u a look of curiosity? Be yourself..That's all I ask..You Feel Me!
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