Are you offended by racist,homophobic or sexist comments if its not about your particular "group"

just another day
@tomford (138)
Richmond, Virginia
November 10, 2015 7:46am CST
Are you offended by racist comments or homophobic comments or sexist comments or do you not care if its not about your particular "group" I came across some offensive content online doing a task, insensitive definitely, racist...hmmm debatable but I complained in a support ticket but the owners of the content were pretty nonchalant about it almost to the point of not caring. I didn't think it would be too much to remove the offensive content but I guess it is
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@connierebel (1571)
• United States
11 Nov 15
I'm not easily offended, whether it concerns me or not. I think sensitivity is a fad nowadays, everyone is so easily offended about every little thing. As adults we have to realize that we're not going to agree with everything everybody says and does.
@tomford (138)
• Richmond, Virginia
12 Nov 15
yes that's true but you don't expect to be offended in certain situations, if im at a library and its a children's reading session then I don't expect the person reading to the kids to pull out atlas shrugged or Mien Kampf. There is a level of courtesy and professionalism I expect in certain situations is all im saying why include something that's questionable in the way it could be perceived.
• United States
17 Nov 15
@tomford Yes, it does depend on the situation. There's a fine line between exercising free speech, and just plain being inappropriate.
@boiboing (12881)
• Northampton, England
10 Nov 15
Yes I am frequently offended by things about groups I don't belong to.