US immigration (sponsorship option)

November 24, 2006 1:20am CST
My sister is US citizen. Her husband was living in USA since 25 years. After marriage, he was able to take my sister to USA on Immigration within two years of immegration process. Now recently on 7 November 2006 my brother in Law died after a severe heart attack. I brought my sister and dead body to Pakistan in that crisis. My sister was not in condition to take decision regarding winding up her house and every thing at that time. Now when she is little bit recovered from that lost, she decided to go back to USA because of her children education, and other opportunities related to her own working. (She has done Ph D in Chemistry from Pakistan). Looking at my sister’s condition we all as family members think that it is not safe for my sister to live in USA alone with two small children. Therefore, it is important that she should stay with anyone of us. However, due to her children education, she preferred living at USA and we are unable to convince her because she is right in a way that if children are US citizen they should stay there and get education there. I would like to know that is there any possibility that my self as sister and my family members (my husband and two daughters 9 years old and 7 years old) can go with her on immigration. What are the options we could get US immigration so that we can live with her and take care of her and her children being close relatives? I am nurse by profession and working in one of the Best hospital in Pakistan since 16 years. My husband is doing business. Please advice us that what I should do to help my sister as she is in her life’s big crisis and I want to help her.She need support of her family for remming of her life.
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