Talent or Hard Work?

@Ryanskie (256)
November 11, 2015 12:04am CST
Talent is acquired since childhood and it is a special ability that someone possesses. We can see a lot of people with good talents nowadays and some of them have unique and amazing abilities as well. Having those talents will greatly help someone to do well in various fields, from works, to arts, to entertainments. Thus, talent they say is a gift. Hard work on the other hand can help someone achieve good results, and can accomplish the things they want to fulfill. It usually help people to succeed in their careers. We can tell about it because we know someone who succeeded in the career they've chosen. So, in your own opinion, which is more important: Talent or Hard Work? Choose one and why?
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@birjudanak (7292)
• India
11 Nov 15
as my way required both because talent which give you ideas and hard work which give you success.if some have talent but not hard work then they may be go in wrong way and if have hard work and not talent then he cant do anything
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• India
11 Nov 15
Hard Work. Because I can improve my talent if I work hard :-)
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@yalul070 (1750)
• Manila, Philippines
11 Nov 15
hard work of course. although it will be a lot better if one has the talent.
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• United States
5 Feb 16
I think hard work is given a greater push of encouragement when the desire to achieve is fueled by a talent known as "over-achieving' . . .
@cherriefic (4810)
• Philippines
11 Jan 16
I think hard work compensates with the lack of talent. It's also good someone have the talent to excel. But without hard worker, that won't mean a thing.