Remembering the Vets, but some Vets want to forget.

@destry (2563)
Kirkwall, Scotland
November 11, 2015 1:40pm CST
It can be a difficult time of year for some vets and currently serving members of the Armed Forces, with Armistice day in the UK and Veterans day in the USA. Here in the UK the emphasis is on remembering the fallen of all the conflicts, and also paying tribute to those who have served and are serving. One of the issues for many living vets is that we have seen action and lost close friends - some times in horrendous ways. Many coping strategies are used to try to forget the details, to lock away the memories in a Pandora's box, however on this day some vets may feel increasing public pressure to reopen their Pandora's box to remember and relive. Yes, many Vets are proud of their service but there are many things that are best forgotten, or at least locked away. If you are talking to a veteran, please don't be too pushy for their memories as what might be an interesting story to you could be a deep old wound for them and you could upset the healing process.
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• United States
11 Nov 15
It is a day to honor them and thank them...I don't think some of them were thanked when they came home.
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@boiboing (12881)
• Northampton, England
11 Nov 15
Sometimes Basil Fawlty had the right approach "Don't talk about the war"
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@just4him (128539)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
11 Nov 15
My father-in-law was one of those vets who tried to lock it away and forget. He served under Patton in WWII. My mother-in-law also served in the Navy, but didn't have the horrific stories he did.
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@paigea (22615)
• Canada
19 Nov 15
My dad never told us much about the war at all.
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@SIMPLYD (84599)
• Philippines
13 Nov 15
It's indeed a day to remember that they fought for the country .
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@CRanney (443)
• Wingham, Ontario
12 Nov 15
So true. Like Abby has said I took yesterday as a day to honor and thank those who served. In Canada we call it Rememberance day but I think it should be Thank you Day
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@jstory07 (71167)
• Roseburg, Oregon
11 Nov 15
If a vet wants to tell you stories they will. I agree do not force them to.
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