What are your eating habits?

@Ryanskie (214)
November 11, 2015 6:15pm CST
It has been said that the most important meal of the day is a good breakfast. Light meal for lunch, snacks, and light meal again for dinner. That is the ideal eating habit to follow. We agree with that, at least in asia where rice is the primary element in the meal. But in some circumstances, we can't eat a good breakfast. Factors include having a full workload for the day, thus skipping a good breakfast and just taking light ones such as breads, bacons, and coffees. Students who are always busy tend to eat light breakfast as well because they have to go to school early. But still some of us can follow the ideal eating habit, with the right time management and people to help them with. Eating habits can greatly affect the lifestyle a person has. Can you tell us your eating habits? And is it beneficial to your health?
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@marguicha (97371)
• Chile
12 Nov 15
I would not say that eating bacon at breakfast is part of eating light as it is full of fat. I eat a normal breakfast with coffee and milk, sometimes real fruit juice and bread with something over it. Lunch is my big meal and diner is very light except when I have company or dine out.
@jstory07 (68314)
• Roseburg, Oregon
12 Nov 15
I work nights and like to sleep in. When my husband and I wake up. I fix him a nice breakfast Since all he eats for lunch is a sandwich.
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@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
12 Nov 15
Our habit of meals, have breakfast with pretty heavy of meals like a bit of rice, veggie and fried egg or a bit of nugget. Usually, we have lunch with the heavy meal, a cup of rice, a cup of veggie and a slice of chicken meat or beef meat. For dinner we have bad menu, usually we eat a cup of noodle or a cup of soup with bacon or a cup of meat ball and noodles, without veggie at all. Yes, In the night I am lazy to prepare some healthy menu...
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@Auntylou (4318)
• Oxford, England
12 Nov 15
The current guidelines are to only eat bacon,or sausage rarely. Sometimes it is good to skip breakfast as fasting for more than 14 hours is good for our bodies!
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