U don't have to die (clone humans)

Mr Bones - The face behind the face
United States
November 24, 2006 1:33am CST
I know ..I know..your thinking what the heck am I talking about?...Look, people need organs,limbs and other body parts all the time..If we could clone a colony of people that would be used for just that purpose..I don't think anything would be wrong with it..Now your saying..But they have a soul..Or do they?...If we can come up with a way to..splice hybrids in flowers, animals and whatever else they already have than..It won't be anytime before they can create an artifical egg and some off stick of (male product) We wouldn't charge an (arm and a leg) from people that need the parts..it would be somewhat of a reserve for the people..created by the people..Man has messed up a lot of the original designs and plans set for us ..but..As long as ur mixing bull dogs with cats and splicing genes form bears and wolfs than..That is the next step..Create something that will make a difference..I know some people won't agree with me..but hey..Isn't that the purpose of a discussion? So what do u think?
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