After Windows 10 now its time to experience Windows 1.01

Startup screen Windows 1.01
Bangalore, India
November 13, 2015 8:55am CST
If you have a laptop or desktop with decent specs then you are probably running Windows 10. Windows 10 runs apps and programs smoothly and has improved on all factors then the previous versions of Windows. But in this post I am not going to talk about Windows 10 nor does the features it offer. Instead we are going to experience Windows 1.01 on the browser. You may choose to install Windows 1.01 on your PC but its a pain in the **s. A post at gHacks links to all the websites where you can experience classic Windows versions. has managed to virtualize the Windows 1.01 platform. This is an IBM PC XT Model 5160 JavaScript-based emulator. PCJS basically emulates the software entirely with Intel 8088 CPU clocked at 4.77 MHz and 256KB of RAM and 10MB Hard Disk using the original IBM PC Model 5160 ROM BIOS and CGA font ROM. Windows 1.01 was introduced in 1985 that is 30 years before and was the starting point which introduced multitasking and included a set of features and programs like notepad,calculator,clock,paint,etc which we still use in the recent versions of Windows. Windows 1.01 on the browser is possible due to the power and flexibility of Javascript. You can also experience other windows versions as well like Windows 3.0, 95 and Me. I hope you like the post and if you know or heard about any such interesting stuff be sure to it in the comments below so that it keeps our audience engaged and we are excited to hear from our audiences. And don't forget to experience Classic Windows versions. LINK :
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@topffer (35526)
• France
21 May 16
Amazing. I have tried to run Windows 98 on a smartphone with Dosbox, but it is too slow. BasiliskII emulating Apple 0S 7 works fine though, and many games are playable.
@Missmwngi (10683)
• Nairobi, Kenya
13 Nov 15
Poor me i am still with window 7 lol