Day out in Europe

@Inlemay (16656)
South Africa
November 14, 2015 3:46am CST
My friend from Belgium is meandering off to Oostende which is a Sea-side resort off the North Sea just below Blankenberg. In a little way, I am green with envy that they are getting to be out and about, but then on the other hand I am glad that I have the beautiful sunshine and a swimming pool and watermelon to smack on before I go and play lawn bowls. The grass is not always greener on the other side, we must just remember to walk that green grass to know what we have on our own side. That I have done. I pray for the people in Paris - be at peace dear Parisians know that justice will prevail one day and we are all accountable to a Greater God for our actions. May the terrorists rot in Hell with their seven ugly brides (as they are promised) On a much lighter note - my sinusitis is clearing up and I AM going to play bowls!! My son is recovering - his stress and Asthma are reasons for the closing of the trachea, and in two days time I shall be a year older. SIGH
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@Fleura (7195)
• United Kingdom
14 Nov 15
Glad things are improving, have a lovely day in the sun and enjoy your birthday - just remember you will never be as young again as you are today!
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@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
14 Nov 15
I do so love a good boat photo! Love the water
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@thauser (35)
• Pensacola, Florida
14 Nov 15
I remember when Paris and the rest of the world were more at peace. Paris has always been one of my favorite cities and no terrorist group is going to change that. The day will come when these terrorist groups meet their fate.
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@LadyDuck (163414)
• Switzerland
14 Nov 15
I am glad that your sinus is cleaning up. I feel sick for Paris, a city that I love so much.
@Auntylou (4318)
• Oxford, England
14 Nov 15
Beautiful photo again, thanks
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