Always Have An Enemy

Redlands, California
November 15, 2015 9:13pm CST
Europe has a refugee crisis. The US has an immigration problem. Does it really? Reading right wing discussions you would think so. Seemed to be the number one issue that the right cares about this year. I am sure that will now switch to national security do to the recent terrorist attack on Paris. At least that is a real threat. Immigration has not really been a problem in this country for 5 going on 6 years now. At least from Mexico which seems to draw the biggest false generalizations.... I mean criticisms. The border is being overran and we need a wall, electric fence, and snipers. Not really as some GOP politicians have been fair. Most of the US's immigration problem now seems to come from people who come on vacation and never leave. Is this just another we need an enemy approach to get the troops rallied up? See for yourself. Of course, no matter what, people will believe what they want to believe. Illegal immigration from Mexico is net zero and according to this less than zero. Saying about a million Mexicans have returned to their homeland since 2010.
Pew Research Center tracks the origins of unauthorized immigrants, their participation in the labor force and where in the U.S. they are settling.
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@poehere (17700)
• French Polynesia
16 Nov 15
I think it is way to big the US and very hard to control. Here on the islands this one doesn't happen. If people come and never leave the police do find them and take them to the airport and lock them away and put them on a plane and they have to leave. They can never come back again.
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• Redlands, California
16 Nov 15
I imagine there is just to many people in this country for them to do that here.They might do it yo a small percentage, but we have a lot of other crimes law enforcement has to deal with. A lot of it seems to be self inflicted.
@TheHorse (67110)
• Pleasant Hill, California
18 Nov 15
Where are the people coming from who vacation here and never leave?
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• Redlands, California
18 Nov 15
They say all over and I think Even Obama used a few examples, but does make you think it is exaggerated or not that big of a problem. They are just generalizing to scare people. That is what seems to motivate people the most or they would stay on their couches.Their logic not mine as these are the points that have been made to me.