Lessons I learned from ants!

November 17, 2015 6:56pm CST
We can learn from almost everything, even the little things. Ants are small creatures, but they give wisdom to people that observe them. I learned many principles from observing the ants. I learned about preparation. That is what ants primarily do, they prepare. They prepare what they will need for the future - winter. Since they cannot go out when it is too cold, they must prepare for the weather. And for us, we should learn preparation from the ants. Many of us procrastinate and are too lazy to prepare for a project, an exam, or whatnots. But if we prepare, the battle is 50% complete. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail is what the saying says. Another lesson I learned from them is their tenacity and will to never give up. When you put an obstacle in array of ants carrying their food, they will find another way. They may go above the obstacle or around the obstacle without even breaking their formation. They have unity, and with their unity, they never give up. I hope we can learn from ants since what they do can give us some wisdom we humans desperately need. Kudos~!
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@amnabas (10313)
• Karachi, Pakistan
18 Nov 15
Yes i too use to observe them they they are so organised.
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• Philippines
18 Nov 15
Yeah, and it is high time for us to learn from them too.
@birjudanak (7293)
• India
21 Nov 15
Ants helpful to make tunnel in soil for air for plants, Many ants feed on small insects that are serious crop pests and its good to learn from small things it show you are active and find something to learn.
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