I Looked Into the Mirror and I saw...

@zebra2222 (5170)
United States
November 17, 2015 8:39pm CST
Have you ever taken a deep look into the mirror? Fill in the blank. I looked into the mirror and I saw... 1. old age creeping on my face. 2. my seven o'clock shadow. 3. a beautiful model standing before me. (Perhaps it was a dream) 4. a salesman trying to sell me a burial plot. 5. Snow White. She was surrounded by seven dwarfs, and Elvis. 6. the Headless Horseman. He was truly a faceless individual. 7. a scared, lonely figure of a man. He was unsmiling. His head was shaking. It was me! Okay, your turn. What did you see in the mirror?
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@Bella128 (2480)
• United States
19 Nov 15
I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger! I don't look into the mirror often so when I do I barely recognize myself!
@marlina (77988)
• Canada
18 Nov 15
I looked in the mirror and I saw white hair.
@simone10 (21647)
• Louisville, Kentucky
18 Nov 15
I avoid mirrors if at all possible. When I do look in the mirror, it is only to brush my teeth or my hair.
@Blondie2222 (22580)
• United States
18 Nov 15
I don't like looking in the mirror. I put on some pounds this winter so far since I don't exercise much and i see myself fat and ugly when I look into the mirror. Everyone else says otherwise but ya know
@Avijit100 (953)
• Calcutta, India
18 Nov 15
Your thoughts of visualizing yourself are quite vivid and nothing short of a dream but I would instead project myself in a optimistic image only so as to satisfy my mental state of mind.
@TheHorse (72397)
• Walnut Creek, California
18 Nov 15
I've actually seen 1, 2 and 3. Sometimes I see one mean looking dude. Sometimes I see one really kind looking dude. Sometimes I see nose hairs. Then I grab the tweezers.
@UncleJoe (10872)
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
18 Nov 15
I looked in the mirror and saw my father @zebra2222