Forgive or forget ?

Quezon City, Philippines
November 18, 2015 7:29am CST
While watching a movie about second chances, it brought me back a memory about second chances in my own life. Forgiveness is given to those people who deserve a second chance, but not everyone deserves them. So be careful who you give second chances to. Because when second chances are given to the wrong people, because wasted second chances are the ones that hurt you the most, because you know were fooled for a second time. My cousin and I go a long way back we were the best of friends. We all always talked and played games together with my brother. I talked to her whenever she needed help with anything. I considered her as my sister. She is not the type of girl who you would see, wearing short shorts, loose fighting clothes. She is a gamer type of girl, wearing black clothing, jacket, and inside it a sweater and a shirt, can you imagine how hot that must have been? I tried to give her a makeover by taking her shopping with my aunt, gladly she accepted it, and I was happy, my cousin was finally becoming a woman. But then she did a thing that I never expected. One day as I was searching for my and my camera I could not find it. I asked my help if she has seen it, but she said no. Then I decided to look for it in my cousin room, as I was looking around her room, I noticed her bag open, I decided to search it. I was shocked honestly to find it in there, the box that is empty, everything that I was looking for in her bag. I was very irritated at her. I got the box and left. I decided to keep it to myself first, but when watch and mouse went missing. I hoped it was not her who stole it. But sadly I was wrong a few days after no luck finding it, my help told me that she found it in my cousins bag. I was very furious when I found out. All the good times that we spent laughing, playing all of those moment felt like nothing when I found out she stole from me, her family (I mean who steals from family). I seriously felt like burning a house after that day, having believed my cousin has changed for the better. After that day, I never talked to her again. She became a full pledged computer addict after that day. Was I wrong not to forgive, after what she had done, she literally killed my, my trust for her gone after a single moment, to make things worse she never even had the courage to speak to me about it or explain to me what she had done. But at the same time me forgiving her might actually bring her back to living her life. So does everyone deserve a second chance?
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