God Sentiment

@yugasini (12816)
Anantapur, India
November 18, 2015 6:23pm CST
Hi Mylot Friends, I think god sentiment is more to Indians, that's why people are visiting to temples regularly and even they use gods names to their children, keeping miniature photos of Gods and Gurujis in the pocket. When ever they find church/mosque/Temple they salute/do namaskaram to god when they pass on the road itself. I have found that god names are written on the vehicles like two wheeler, 4 wheelers and even on big trucks also. But I am not finding this in other countries mainly in western countries does it mean that western countries does not have god sentiment. there are several people does not believe god or religion they are also living in the world and prospering like others what is the meaning of it.
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@Freeny (58)
• Australia
19 Nov 15
I think majority of Indians are Hindus. So do hindus have more than one God and as you say do they also follow Gurujis? If someone follows a guruji does he follow a certain God too?