My son's conference

@sissy15 (5769)
United States
November 19, 2015 5:04am CST
I had my son's conference on the 13th. I have to say I was very pleased with everything I heard. My son is on an IEP for fine motor, and I was informed he has made so much progress, a lot of it I've noticed myself, but he's doing even better than I originally realized. I learned he is doing several kindergarten skills, and he's doing really well in math, and he does well with vocabulary. His teacher told me that while she loves all of the preschoolers smiles something about my son's smile is just special, and that she is always bummed when he isn't there. She said he does prefer to play by himself because he doesn't have patience for other kids, he likes things his own way. She was being nice by saying he has fortune 500 skills, saying we'll be thankful when he's running a big business, I know she was just avoiding the words bossy and impatient. My son is both of those things. I love him to pieces, but he drives me crazy at times. His teacher made us feel like decent parents, I walked away feeling so proud of my son. It's always great to hear someone else tell you what you already know about your own child. I didn't know what exactly she was going to tell us, but I expected to hear about how he throws tantrums or something, but I guess he rarely does that at school. She seems to really like having my son in her class, and that makes me feel good. It's nice to know someone understands my son who can be moody is for the most part a well behaved kid. She doesn't seem worried about him starting kindergarten next year. I feel like sending him to this preschool was one of the best decisions I've made for him. He started last year having so many behavioral issues and fine motor issues, to now just having minor fine motor issues. He actually wants to color and draw now, that's something I couldn't get him to do last year. I like his teacher this year a little better than the one he had last year. His teacher this year is a lot more outgoing. I don't know why they switched teachers, but I'm not complaining. My son loves his teacher. Regardless my son is doing amazing, and I'm so proud of him. I mentioned the other day that my baby is growing up, and he yelled at me and told me he wasn't a baby he was a big boy. Like it or not he'll always be my baby. Even when he's 40 he'll still be my baby. I just can't believe he is 5. Boy does time fly.
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@amnabas (10311)
• Karachi, Pakistan
19 Nov 15
Nice to hear that his teachers are proud of him.
@sissy15 (5769)
• United States
19 Nov 15
Thank you, it really is.