In Heaven there is no beer....

United States
November 19, 2015 7:50am CST
....that's why we drink it here. That is a line from a Polish Polka. My first husband was Polish and my FIL tried his best to make me totally dizzy on the dance floor to that song! But who knows if there is beer in Heaven or not, I'don't, do you? What I do know is that there is no beer in a certain prison in Georgia. Death Row inmates get to pick what they want for their 'last meal' that is common. One particular inmate has requested a six-pack of beer. The Governor of Georgia said - no - that beer is not allowed in a prison, therefore, he cannot have it as his last meal. I'm not usually on the side of prisoners, especially those on death row, but give me break. Give him his six-pack of Bud and let the man go out with a buzz on.
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@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
20 Nov 15
doing to say, if they want to get smashed as part of their last meal, let them have it
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@hereandthere (33347)
• Philippines
19 Nov 15
i agree. what harm would it do? it's not like he's going back to his cell.
• United States
19 Nov 15
Exactly. Maybe they are afraid some of the guards might grab a bottle.