How to spend the weekends?

@shirlys (113)
Yantai, China
November 19, 2015 8:37am CST
Before I had a baby ,I used to stay in the bed to watch TV shows ,films all day to spend weekends.I didn't sleep untill midnight.and I got up around noon next day.Less eat meal,but some snacks.It seemed I did nothing ,I spent all weekends to relax,but at the end I felt tired. But now life changes a lot.Before weekends come,I am thinking how to spend time with my daughter ,what I will cook for her.i am busy the whole weekends,but I am really happy. Hi friends,if u r reading this discussion pls tell me my mistakes about grammar/sentence structure /words.u r really appreciated.thanks
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@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
19 Nov 15
Things definitely do change when you have kids. Before I had kids, it didn't really matter when I ate meals, or when I went to bed. But now it does. They need to eat, and I need to make sure I get enough sleep, so I can't go to bed whenever I want anymore. It's just different.
@LadyDuck (171236)
• Switzerland
19 Nov 15
I have no children, but I am sure that the life change a lot when you have one. About your question, try to separate your text into paragraphs, people do not like "walls of text".
@youless (93144)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Nov 15
Life is totally different after having a child. I feel the same like you. Now in the weekends I will go to the interest class with my child. I wait for him outside. And sometimes we will go to the library, park, restaurant and so on. This Saturday will be exciting because we are going to the lab in Guangzhou University. They will show us the famous physics experiments. This activity is held in my city and we were lucky to be selected. My son loves the science a lot. We look forward to it a lot!
• United States
19 Nov 15
I usually spend my weekend playing videogames or surfing the internet. Sometimes, I watch Netflix.