@shivamani10 (11205)
Hyderabad, India
November 21, 2015 5:20am CST
Just now i had a discussion over the issue of Mali Raddison attack by Al Quieda. My friends had taken the genesis of the entire issue and started the issue from the Regime of MohammadTaraki of Afghanistan . They say that it was Taraki of Afghanistan who actually approached USSR for help to safeguard his position and that this has led to the subsequent war with Iraq(Saddam) by US. The latter incident is Twin Tower bombing and in retaliation the war with Afghanistan..This is continuing without any break....of course with some interregnum..How long should we allow it to continue. Time and again the innocents are being fooled. Even the Peshawar school Bomb Blast in which so many innocent children were killed had to be denounced. There should not be any place for terrorism. This has become a new concept. This is spreading like slow poison. In stead of direct war many organizations with the active support of some interested countries are undertaking these activities. Now no country is fighting directly with any other country. They are occasional declaring some war of words and just for cleaning their arms, purchased calling for tenders,they are releasing bullets here and their along their borders. That's all..The arguments went to the extent that the PARIS ATTACK WAS AN EXCUSE TO CLOSE DOWN THE BORDERS OF E.U. Nations for Syrian REFUGEES. Let us analyze it friends....
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@simone10 (21648)
• Louisville, Kentucky
22 Nov 15
I agree with @TheHorse that any form of terrorism is unacceptable.
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@TheHorse (70756)
• Pleasant Hill, California
21 Nov 15
Terrorism is unacceptable. But rooting out terrorists is difficult. The last argument you referred to is quite silly. Europeans didn't carry out the attack.
@shivamani10 (11205)
• Hyderabad, India
22 Nov 15
The arguments take different shapes. People say so many things. We just to see who is speaking right and who is not.....
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