Beware with names with Facebook

@yugasini (12839)
Anantapur, India
November 21, 2015 12:01pm CST
Hi Mylot Friends, Beware with controversial names in Facebook, now Facebook is blocking some accounts due to their names, Facebook is suspecting those names are linked with terrorism. To that effect it was blocked a name called " Phuc Dot Bich" Facebook is thinking some wrong meaning with this name so it is blocked the account afterwords the person showed proof of his name to re-open his blocked account. A software lady employee of USA also have with "ISIS" name which also blocked, both the members were fired on Facebook on blocking their accounts. After that Facebook activated those accounts that they are not controversial persons.
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@boiboing (12879)
• Northampton, England
21 Nov 15
Come on. Phuc Dat Bich is NOT an ISIS name and the guy was Vietnamese. It was blocked on the grounds of perceived obscenity and the guy had to provide photos of his passport to prove it was real.
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@Gr8bit (177)
• Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
27 Nov 15
There is a company in America called "ISIS"
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• United States
22 Nov 15
I'm Vietnamese and I have to say that's messed up of Facebook to do. When the parents named their child, "Phuc Dat Bich" they probably didn't think of the pronunciation.
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@GajaGamini (1066)
• India
22 Nov 15
Phuc Dot Bich ... that's really funny name but its offensive to use on social media. But what thay guy could do after all that's his real name. There are lots of such funny names and if Facebook is blocking such IDs then there should be any problem because Facebook is taking precautions and that's what we need today. I know, this would be frustrating for the users who got banned but they should understand it. I think, Facebook should ask for verification before blocking the users. Do you agree?
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@EddieHands (37793)
• United States
28 Nov 15
Facebook is retarted. I only use fake names there lol. They are names that sound real and could be real. But they are not my name. Why would I give them my bloody real name ?