The Blame Game

November 22, 2015 1:33pm CST
It never fails to make me laugh when people say video games make you violent. As an avid gamer, I can confirm that this is complete hokum. And believe me, I have played some extremely violent games in my time. Manhunt by developers Rockstar, best known for their Grand Theft Auto series, was particularly disturbing simply because it is a game about making a snuff movie. And all Hell broke loose when in 2004, the game was linked to the murder of Stefan Pakeerah. Warren Leblanc lured his friend Stefan to a park and proceeded to batter him with a hammer and then stabbed him to death. And because the police found a copy of Manhunt in Warren's bedroom, that apparently means that video-games are automatically evil! As I said before, I have played Manhunt and while I think the in-game violence is uncalled for and I was unable to finish, it can most certainly NOT be held responsible for Stefan's death. Leblanc clearly had some kind of mental imbalance as the murder was an isolated incident and a sequel to the game was released in 2007. But the franchise most referred to by these scaremongers has to be the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto, a game in which you can perform many different, shall we say, unsociable activities some of which include killing random people on the street, hiring prostitutes, running from the law, blowing stuff up, gang crime and drug dealing. Other good examples include Saints Row, Silent Hill and Call Of Duty. I am a massive Call of Duty fan and play it almost everyday but that doesn't mean that you will find me running around the streets, hurling grenades and shouting 'FRAG OUT', while shooting people in the head. It just won't happen. Because thankfully, the majority of people, can differentiate between real life and fantasy.
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@MALUSE (43662)
• Uzbekistan
22 Nov 15
What about the minority who can't?
22 Nov 15
The world will never be perfect.
@shshiju (10567)
• Cochin, India
11 Jan 16
May be. But lot of children are addicted to these games and avoiding their studies. That is bad for their health and career.
@Gr8bit (177)
• Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
7 Dec 15
I agree and disagree, just to be awkward of course :-) If you sit in a dingy bedroom on your own all day playing them games you lose touch with reality especially if your one of those kids that gets shunned at school or bullied but not everyone who plays them becomes violent... Here's a question though.. If someone broke into your home and tried to steal your console, what would you do? I know I know " you'd blow their mother *#@$*~# head off right :-)
• Calgary, Alberta
23 Nov 15
Its like those conservative politicians who blamed female celebrities who dresses sexy for why rape cases happen. Oh also Just like those bigoted Russia who banned the existence of fictional gay characters because they think it will make people gay. People love blame something that is actually harmless. I had been playing violent videogames since I am a kid and in my 30 years of existence I didnt kill a single person.
• United States
23 Nov 15
I play my fair share of games, especially violent games like Mortal Kombat, Halo and just fighting games in general. I have no desire to fight or kill people. These people that play the violent games and then commit a heinous crime obvious have a mental illness and need jail time and/or to be locked up in a mental health facility. No link whatsoever.
@TRBRocks420 (82921)
• Banks, Oregon
22 Nov 15
I agree you can't blame video games or anything else for evil people or for someone with a mental or chemical imbalance. I have played plenty of video games and, I would never consider doing any of that in real life, it's just a game.