Trapped In A Book

Phoenix, Arizona
November 23, 2015 1:04am CST
If you are an avid reader, you know the feeling. You open a book up, look through the pages and as you read the first sentence, you are taken to another world. You become one with the book. You aren’t trapped in the book, but you aren’t exactly free from the spell it has on you. As you read each letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter and eventually the last word of the book, you feel like you have met these characters in person. You feel for them. You start to see each person for what and who they are. Sometimes, you can become so entranced with your reading, you feel like this is your world. And sadly, when you are done with the book, you want more. You feel like a part of you is missing. There is no more to the story, unless there are more books. In that case, you can be locked in your room for days, trying to find all the pieces of the puzzles. When reading a book, you get so much out of it. You aren’t watching something short and quick! Instead, you get just about every detail you can. You see the story as though you are really there. And sometimes, that is better than reality.
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• Calgary, Alberta
23 Nov 15
There are books that took me weeks to finish but I remember there was a book that I finished in one day that I never left my room for hours and I was shocked when I was already reading the last page because I was so into it and I didnt noticed I finished it in one day.
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• Phoenix, Arizona
23 Nov 15
I have done that so many times!!!
@akalinus (22907)
• United States
23 Nov 15
The worst part of reading a new book for the first time is that you can never again read it for the first time. A book is an adventure that you enter into. When the adventure is done, you feel lost until you find another adventure to go on. I hate finishing a book I am enjoying. I often look for books by the same author.
@JESSY3236 (7808)
• United States
23 Nov 15
I have been listening to a exciting book series that has me trapped.