Noragami Anime

United States
November 24, 2015 1:13pm CST
Does anyone watch the anime Noragami, about the delivery god Yato, and a girl named Hiyori Iki who is hit by a bus an becomes a half spirit who periodically drifts in and out of her body. She prays to him to try to get her back to normal. Unfortunately, he's a rather broke god with no shrine I really enjoy the series and I'm working my way through the series. You can watch the series here in Japenese for free, you have to pay extra for the dub:
Yato may just be a minor god now, but he’s determined to make it big and he’s got a plan. Unfortunately, things just don’t seem to be going his way. He doesn’t have a single shrine dedicated to him, his partner has just quit, and now he’s got to find a new
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• United States
25 Apr 16
I enjoyed it and can not wait for the 2nd season. Need to re-watch the first season soon.
• United States
17 Mar 16
I will have to look into this Anime, I am always on the lookout for new good ones, and this one seems interesting. Maybe I will find a review before I jump in though. The new season of Durarara is dubbed and I know that's the top of my list as far as Anime watching! You mentioned in your discussion something about paying for dubbed versions of Anime. A site that you may not know about is They have a HUGE list of dubbed anime and keep it very up-to-date, and its all free you don't even have to sign up!
@Freelanzer (9394)
• Canada
28 Jan 16
One of my sons is into anime and has quite a collection but I never watched them. He is now studying annimation
20 Jan 16
I loooove this anime. The stories from the past are getting revealed and the romance is developing.
1 Jan 16
I´ve really enjoy this anime too, I can not stop laughing with Yato in the first season.
@kaka135 (14055)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 15
I haven't been watching Japanese Anime for quite a long time. I used to enjoy watching the anime when I was younger. As a mother to two young children, I just hardly find time to enjoy the series now. I only remember Rurouni Kenshin and Naruto. Thanks for sharing this anime.
@BelleStarr (39077)
• United States
25 Nov 15
Sorry I have never heard of this so can offer no meaningful feedback.