there be a fair chill in the air today

November 26, 2015 2:39am CST
Such a chill is deserving of scarf, gloves and a hat. However the atmosphere is ridiculously daft. Outside my house is cold. Ten minutes walk to the high street to catch the bus, and the air is warm. I don't think it's just because I've walked, I think it's partly because the high street is shielded from the fields and my house isn't. A natural {yet man-made} insulation if you like, of houses and shops. Get on the bus and I'm sweltering, the heating on full blast. Off come the scarf, gloves and hat, up goes the hair. The coat is unbuttoned. Cool down. The journey progresses and the bus starts to get cold. *shiver* The coat gets buttoned. The scarf, gloves and hat go back on. I get off the bus and it's freezing outside. Walk, walk, walk and warm up. I have GCSE English for most of the day. Othello. Huzzah. Ish. I can almost guarantee that my journey home will be cold. Very cold. Stupid winter.
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@boiboing (12881)
• Northampton, England
26 Nov 15
It's a terrible time for dressing appropriately. If I dress for my home I layer it all on but when I get to the office I have to take it all off again.
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@Traceyjayne (1171)
• United Kingdom
26 Nov 15
I have recently bought a new thermal hat and gloves set .... and I wear thermal socks on really cold days too !