Several Days Late and Many Dollars Short

United States
November 28, 2015 4:43am CST
There's a saying about being a day late and a dollar short but in this case it is several for me on both counts. Work has been insane this month and even I work from home I had to travel out of state for training and so I have not been online much at all. So imagine my surprise when I tried to log in to Bubblews tonight and of course it does not exist anymore. I was no where close to redeeming at the point of closure and I had a few articles that I had not retrieved. The last time that I was there, I found it odd that the Bubbler who became their moderator had stopped posting except for the odd comment here and there and those were far from the positive and cheery outlook that she once projected. I started writing on Bubblews when Yahoo Voices closed up shop. I had enough content there that I was just collecting residuals and not posting anything new. I was very critical of them when they pulled the plug, however I see the difference in hindsight. Even though I was just cashing their checks, they notified me of their intent by email and gave us 30 days I believe it was to retrieve anything we wanted. They also settled up with everyone at the end. There was no minimum payout there of course but they did the right thing. I have no doubt that Bubblews decided to skate instead of having to explain why no one was getting paid. I must say though that Bubblews did pay me everytime I redeemed and for the proper amount. I guess now they have gone off to play with their new app that no one earns with except for them.
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@simone10 (21647)
• Louisville, Kentucky
30 Nov 15
I was one that was always paid but I did have one payment that was cut in half back when they first changed the pay structure.
@softbabe44 (5899)
• Vancouver, Washington
28 Nov 15
I bet the new app isn't prospering.
@BelleStarr (39591)
• United States
28 Nov 15
You can still find some of the Bubblews posts cached on Goggle. at least for now.
@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
28 Nov 15
I hope you have saved a copy of all your content. Since Bubblews shuts down, you can republish your content elsewhere. I think the days of Yahoo Voices were the great days for article writers. Many of them were able to make $1000 to $3000 from page views, and they were able to pay their bills with the money.
@marlina (76603)
• Canada
28 Nov 15
Yes, Bubblews has disappeared from the face of the Internet. Sad but true.
@Susan2015 (21310)
• United States
28 Nov 15
One of mine was almost cut in half but that was okay. It's a shame the way they treated their own site. Yahoo Voices I liked a lot.
@TRBRocks420 (81014)
• Banks, Oregon
28 Nov 15
Quite the debacle the way things turned out at bubblews, but yes they paid me most everything owed to me except the last 40 bucks and, part of a check when the pay rates changed.