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November 29, 2015 2:59am CST
What is so special about 1776? You may wonder why I want to write about 1776. There is no special reason. I do a Google search for 1776 on impulse, and find out something interesting about 1776. The first thing is that the year 1776 was a leap year. 1776 started on a Monday. 1776 is a year of great importance to the Americans, since The Declaration of Independence was written and declared in 1776. 1776 is also the title of a famous Broadway musical. It ran for more than 1200 performances in 1969. This famous Broadway musical was made into a film in 1972. The title of the film is 1776. The musical and film were not based strictly on history. Some parts were fictionalized. Since a random number can turn into a short discussion post, I guess there is really no shortage of writing material, once you have put your heart into writing.
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@MALUSE (42653)
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29 Nov 15
You'll make many members happy who complain that they don't know what to write about.