If medical advancement means lower medical cost

@scheng1 (24755)
November 29, 2015 3:57am CST
Sometimes I wonder why medical advancement leads to higher and higher cost. The technology of operating a patient has changed so much, and now surgical robots are doing the job, while the surgeon just sits at a computer and directs the robots. In this case, the recovery should be faster, and the incision cut is short. It should lead to lower medical cost, and yet the medical cost is getting higher and higher. If ever technology improves to a level that we can DIY, that will be good. DIY to take out our own tumors at home definitely will save a bundle!
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• Dayton, Ohio
1 Dec 15
In the old days people used to DIY medical procedures. Did not go well. However, technology gross so rapidly. I don't know about Singapore, but in the US it is a combination of a broken system and the cost to build new medical facilities with the latest technology. And then the money that goes to biomedical development and other allied fields.