how to block all website except few choosen site in windows 7?

November 30, 2015 5:43am CST
I am looking to block all website in windows 7 or earlier versions except few sites which will be hand picked to allow. for example: i want to allow only or and remaining site should be blocked.
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30 Nov 15
@harry_p Pretty sure you're going to have to enter each one you want blocked...hope you have a lot of spare time
• India
30 Nov 15
@PhredWreck There are billions of site i need to manually enter. Its a lot to handle. Thats why i was thinking more like to a software which allows me to block entire web with option to allow few websites.
@Asylum (48278)
• Manchester, England
30 Nov 15
@harry_p The hosts file is totally the wrong approach because it is designed to direct outgoing data. The only option that I know is via parental Controls as I quoted above. You should find an option there to block all websites and then add the ones that are exempt.
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