@LeaPea2417 (21622)
Toccoa, Georgia
December 1, 2015 4:52pm CST
Sometimes I get into the mood to write a poem. I am going to try now: That day we met, changed my life and perspective. True love sprang forth, but a union can not be. If only another place, another time,,, through the looking glass, through the window of a camera is all we can have and if that is so, I will take it. Just to know you is so worth it.
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• Preston, England
3 Dec 15
lovely reflections on a relationship that will never happen - bittersweet
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@LadyDuck (171373)
• Switzerland
2 Dec 15
The poem is nice, but the story is sad, I hope it's not your story.
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@PainsOnSlate (20422)
• Canada
1 Dec 15
Sad story of a love that will never be. Some really great people walk in and out of your life. Glad your happy to know them...
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