@xstitcher (12154)
Petaluma, California
December 1, 2015 6:34pm CST
I just did a whole long post, and of course pushed the wrong button and lost it. ;( So, I’m typing this on Microsoft Word first. ;p So, I went to put Angel’s leash on and saw a truck across the street with a “cherry picker” on it. When Angel and I went out, I saw that it was an AT&T (phone company) truck. As Angel and I started down the sidewalk , the AT&T guy came around the truck and asked if I was the one who’s phone wasn’t working. I told him yes, as Mom had called a couple of days ago. The guy went to check our meter at the side of the house, and Angel and I went around the block. When I came back, the guy was finishing with the meter, and he asked if I worked at eBay. I realized that I was wearing my ebay logo jacket that I had gotten for my birthday, and explained that I used to sell on ebay, but now it was more my mother selling doll clothes for what were called ball jointed dolls. He wanted to come in and see our actual phones, as everything seemed okay with the meter, so I led him inside. A lot of the conversations he, Mom and I had, in between things about the phones, were about Mom’s dolls, how much they cost, how much she sold her clothes for, sewing machines, and other collections. ;) As it turned out, our main phones had “died.” Fortunately we had a separate phone, which he plugged in in my Mother’s sewing room, and the rotary phone from the garage. ;p So, one of these days Mom and I need to go out and get a new “set” of cordless phones. ;p Oh, well. Anyway, that’s what filled up my afternoon.
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