What is happening to the world?

@royanne (372)
December 1, 2015 9:46pm CST
Everywhere I look there is violence, pain, hunger and suffering. I don't understand what has happened to us all, to make people monsters, to be able to stomach seeing other people get hurt because of ou beliefs and selfishness. Why can't we all just live in peace? Why can't we just live our lives peacefully? I really hate seeing homeless people because it makes me realize how powerless I am in helping them. At the same time it makes me realize that I am still blessed since I have a proper bed to go home to and sleep at night. I just hate the fact that we have become so hard that we no longer feel any compassion towards other people. Especially the people who have got a lot, they tend to forget how it feels to have nothing... Any opinions on this guys? I just feel so sad about what's happening to us.
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@cahaya1983 (10036)
• Malaysia
2 Dec 15
I know some cities have certain housing initiatives in place for the homeless, but like you said, it's still a major issue in many countries. I think everyone has a part to play though. We can organize activities like soup kitchens and so on to cater for the homeless. It's a small step but every small effort counts, in my opinion.
@royanne (372)
• Philippines
4 Dec 15
I also believe that even a small effort is going to make a difference. I just hope that people would realize that as well. It just hurts to see these kinds of situations and that the people who have a lot has got less or nothing to give.
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@garymarsh6 (14764)
• United Kingdom
3 Dec 15
It is always good to think of others and pray that there by the grace of God Go I.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 15
Me too, I also confuse with the world, where selfish happens in everywhere, especially selfish of rich people who does not care to the others. I feel, nowadays the gap between rich people and poor people more strong. I also feel so sad with the condition.
@OneOfMany (12392)
• United States
2 Dec 15
The problem is that the world revolves around money. If there was a system without money it would address the basic needs of people and make a new foundation by which people live. I have had ideas how to achieve that for a long time. It's just I'm not financially in a position where I could help.
@Plethos (12291)
• United States
2 Dec 15
believe it or not, there are homeless people who want to be homeless. there will always be evil people in the world causing wars and such unpleasantries.
@crossbones27 (22392)
• Redlands, California
2 Dec 15
It has been like this since the beginning of time. Just technology is making everyone look at it. Which hopefully make people put a stop to this madness, but seems to enhance the madness in some ways also. We seem to try to hide our homeless. The problem is it is becoming so bad they really cant even do that anymore. I am sure they have some elaborate plan to get the homeless to stay hidden in the near future.